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Operation Sauce Drop

Monday, August 27, 2007

Operation Sauce DropI received an email about Operation Sauce Drop, an excellent program for supporting the troops.

There are lots of "Support The Troops" websites out there, but this one is pretty unique. They're sending gift boxes of hot sauces and snacks to active duty troops stationed abroad. When you're in a far away land, a little taste of home can go a long way. From the Carolina Sauce blog:
My inspiration for Operation Sauce Drop were my brother-in-law, who is in the Army and has served 3 tours in Iraq, and the military personnel stationed abroad who have ordered products from Carolina Sauce Company for themselves and their fellow troops. The mission of Operation Sauce Drop is to send great-tasting sauces - and perhaps a little taste of home - to US servicemen and women stationed abroad, free of charge. Why are we doing this? Because we would like to thank our brave troops for their sacrifices with a small token of our appreciation, and hopefully make their meals a bit more enjoyable. We have selected four different themed gift boxes of sauces, from mild but zesty to fiery-hot, from which any member of the US military stationed at an APO or FPO address may choose, and we'll ship their choice of gift box to their APO or FPO address at absolutely no charge whatsoever. In order to be able to send gift boxes to as many troops as possible, we are seeking contributions from anyone who would like to support this effort. One hundred percent of the contributions received will be used solely for the costs of purchasing and shipping the gift boxes. If you would like to be a part of Operation Sauce Drop, please consider making a contribution, and/or spreading the word. Thank you very much for your consideration!
So we're doing our part. We've already made a donation, and here's a blog post in support of this program.

Can you help? If you can't afford a $5 contribution (and we both know you can....), then how about helping to get the word out?


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