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Review: Extended Stay Warrioring....

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey, given the ability to really make hay with the expense account on long trips we all love the idea. But not the 'living in a hotel part.'

Road Warrior Tips aims to make that easier. It's got a fair amount of content (6+ months) and a fair bit of information that was new to me - and I've been travelling for 20 years AND have spent quite a number of exented stays at lovely locations like New Haven.

Speaking of extended stays, my personal preference is the per-diem. Back in the day when you could have a nice drunken expense account dinner at Applebees (I was much younger, be nice) for $30, our per-diem was $35. Which sounds horrible, but we were always staying at a place like Residence Inn with a mini-kitchen.

And out accounting people didn't realize that with a kitchen you could eat steak every night for that amount of money. I figured, on one 2 month trip, that I pocketed $250 at least. Hey, that paid for a week of lift tickets up in Vermont.

Anyway, I think I was saying that Road Warrior Tips is a useful site. Check it out.


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