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Ultra portable laptops....

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ok, so I am both lazy and a wimp - I travel with an ultraportable computer, a Toshiba R200 - but there are some drawbacks. To watch a movie on the plane I have to plan ahead and rip it to the hard drive.

For long long flights I have to carry an external portable hard drive WD Passport - which is just another thing to leave in the seatback pocket. (After too many Crown and Diet Sierra Mists)

You know anything more annoying than buying a bunch of movies, ripping them, and then losing the hard drive at the start of a two week trip? Ok, well, paying for the replacement yourself (HA!) would be up there, but I think you know what I mean.

Other downsides: a seemingly increased repair record (backpanel, etc, etc) and an annoying play in the screen hinges. Otherwise I love a 3 or 4 lb laptop with 5 or 6 hours of battery time.


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