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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Was broswing Amazon to find something worthwhile to toss into my next expense report.

(By worthwhile I mean fun and at least slightly justifiable.)

Found this instead - How to Pad Your Expense Report.

Hard to imagine expensing a book on how to pad your expense report, but, luckily, I was able to use Amazon's "whats inside" feature to see that this is full of relatively obvious stuff on gaming the travel and points system for your benefit.

My conclusion is that this is good for beginners and people wanting to slightly expand their expense account use (in a fair fashion, but without being caught, natch) but probably not too handy if you've already got a black belt in expensing three martini's and a bowl of soup.


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  • At 9:08 AM, Blogger Seat 1A said…

    Pretty funny, click on the link in the article, scroll down and read the review:

    "Employee X is obviously very good at thinking up ways to cheat his employer. I am a Controller at a company that has about 75 expense filers. After I read the book I reviewed some old expense reports and realized that we had no way to catch some of the fraud the "author" recommends. I dug deeper and looked at the sales department expenses and was floored by the amount of errors and outright cheating. Thanks to Employee X we looked at ways to improve our auditing. We ended up going with a web product called expense expert and our employees suddenly started submitting smaller expense reports and we could easily spot "mistakes". Read the book if you are in finance but keep it away from your sales people."

    I wonder how many finance people read this site? Anyone out there?


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