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Smelly Hotels

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Not that way, but it turns out that some nicer hotels have guys walking around with Cinabons making the lobby smell nice. Reader M writes:

I was in the lobby of my very very nice hotel in Chicago and this guy comes sailing through with a platter of fresh steaming cinammon sugar buns. Five minutes later he comes back through with another one. So I waved him over and asked if I could have one and he informed me that they weren't for eating but for "atmospherics."

It did smell nice, but it made me very very hungry and when I got to my meeting I had three of the crappy little danishes they always put out.

I remember one chain (Residence Inn?) where they used to bake choco chippie cookies. I had to switch to Courtyard because I was eating a half dozen a day, usually right before bedtime.

I mean, you come home from the crappy chain dinner of your choice, half in the bag, and you see a plate of chocolate chip cookes.

Bad, very bad.


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  • At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Mary Jo said…

    When I stay at that chocolate chip cookie hotel, I have to say no when they pass them over the counter to me. I used to take them, figuring I'd give it to someone else, and before you know it, I'd eaten the whole thing.

    Not good when you see those darn things as much as I do.

  • At 4:24 AM, Blogger BoonDoggie said…

    Hi Mary Jo! Thanks for visiting. I've added you to our BlogRoll.


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