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Find The Boots

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Cool New VOIP Option

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ok, this is spiffy - it's a USB gizmotron that uses free Vivophone software to let you use a regular corded phone (think the back of your cordless phone for a second) as a IP phone.

Get you an old laptop and a two-line cordless phone and you have a regular inbound number but can make outbound calls at 10% of the tariffed long distance rate.

Very cool. No price yet, but almost any price wil make this a winner on the old pocketbook.

Other neat ideas - using the hotel phone when on the road, using the included con-call software to con call VOIP and POTS users, etc, etc. This is clearly small enough to travel with and requires no external power supply.

We give it five boots.


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