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Find The Boots

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What Does This Have to Do With Anything?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nothing at all. We usually post on expensable items - most of which just happen to be equally cool and useful. (Ahem.) But sometimes there are toys one must have - like that teeny weeny helicopter last month.

And, since we were huge Star Wars fans in high school, this appeals. Of course then we figured out how to talk to girls - in the backseat - so Lucas movies went by the wayside.

Only problems are it's in the UK so the customs guys will have a laugh at you. And it costs like $2K in real money. And it doesn't come with shoes - where do you buy Storm Trooper trainers?

Anyway, speaking of helicopters, here is one that is even cooler - it has night flying lights! Only $30 bucks from the Radio Shack - I am heading out to the shack in fifteen minutes (when they open) to buy one before my wife finds out.

Ok, so, if it weren't for girls, I'd probably live in an apartment that looks like that. But I'd look like Jabba instead of a D&D master.

Neither expensible unless you sign your reports "Yoda."


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