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Find The Boots

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Screaming Cell Phones

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sounds like a cross between pax travelling with infants and talking on their cell phones, but actually it's a technology developed by a UK company. It's a cell phone security system that sets off a high pitch scream, permanently locks the handset and wipes all data if stolen.

Sounds like a great idea. But I remember the time back in the 90's that I dropped my cell phone in a New York cab on my way back from an excellent steak and several martinis at Sparks. I called it the next morning and a very nice lady answered it and told me that she found the phone. She was nice enough to drop it off at the hotel. And she didn't even call her nephew in Mumbai. I suspect that lost phones that are screaming would be thrown into the Hudson.

And, imagine for a moment, the TSA's reaction to a cell phone, inadvertently left in the plane, starting to scream.... Yes, they'd clear ORD faster than you could say: technology solution in search of a problem.


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