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Find The Boots

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Update: The TSA Will Love This

Monday, October 02, 2006

What every traveller needs, a suspicious looking device. It doesn't actually do anything, just looks suspicious, has LED's and diodes and knobs. Very 60's Brit Sci-Fi.

How long before all FlyerTalk readers have one?

==== Bump and Update ====

Ok, I got a buncha emails about this. I am not advocating trying to take something like this through security. It just struck me that right after some self-righteous wanker scrawled some juvenile doodles on his ziplock bag (and the TSA and local police handled it badly) and got his 15 minutes of fame, it was interesting to see someone with some *style* think about the same result.

So if you buy or build something like this and Bertha Big Fingers gives you the whole monty search, don't complain to FTB!


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