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Shaving Cream or Electric

Saturday, September 30, 2006

I have been recently pondering how to not check my bag. I guess I could go a few days without mouthwash (the real burning stuff, not the lame krep they put on the sink-side at the Hilton) and can use X-brand toothpaste. But I am very particular about my shaving cream as I am ugly enough without razor burn, stubble patches, and a cut. It's my last step before I turn into Shrek-dad.

But electric razors really don't work for me - or have not in the past anyway. These new Hitatchi electrics not only look cool (and similar to a regular razor) but only cost 8,500 yen at Amazon.co.jp, which is either 4,000 or 10 m/s^2, depending on the conversion rate you use.

(Notice that one is apparently available used for only 5,400 yen? Used electric razor, hmmmmm. No)

But what does Hitatchi have to say?
The razor helps close, smooth, and comfortable shaves by rotating continually at a high speed. It also plays at invariable speed, ensuring the overall effectiveness. The rotary washer built-inside helps to keep the razor clean.
Yeah, baby, I can shave in Engrish!

We vote it expensible on your next trip to Japan. Just print this posting out and attach it to your expense report.


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