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Find The Boots

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Flying Fines

Monday, September 25, 2006

Top headline: Air Canada bills unruly flyer $1,350.

Do you need to know anything more than this:

Gus Fuentes was in the correct row but wrong seat of a plane that had not yet left London, England, for Toronto on March 15 when he got in an argument with Air Canada staff who had asked him to move.

In an interview last night, Fuentes, a 26-year-old financial services representative in Toronto, said: "I'm not going to pay a cent. I don't care if they take this to a collection agency."

So, poor little Master Of The Universe didn't get suckled up to like He Was The Most Important Man In Coach? Seems so:
It noted that two other passengers gave Air Canada written statements that Fuentes was verbally abusive and swore at the staff, who responded professionally and calmly.
I hate flying with people like that - it's hard enough when we're all calm under adversity.

So I say: Good on 'em. Put an arsehole tax on his next ticket too.


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