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Find The Boots

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Final USB Key Form Factor Winner

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yes, we've gotten excited before about this stuff, but this is the winner of the USB key form factor race.

The fold-over design you see on SD (and other) memory storage forms is just too fragile and intimidats the non-techy. Thought it is handy if the memory card you bought for work (ahem) can be used on the family camera.

And the stick-of-gum design we're used to is nicely sturdy, and if you're 15 and carry a backpack to clip it to, is handy. Or if you have a big bunch of keys on a ring attached to your belt by a retractable cord, I guess.

Otherwise you end up with a look that kind of says: Are you glad to see me, or were you just in Wizard of Oz with pointy shoes on? Which is not my corporate look, you know?

Anyway, this is the winning form factor, IMHO. Folds over to be the size of a quarter, protects the connector, is usable by the non-technical, and can clearly be made to hold "modern" size amounts of stuff.

We give it the coveted five boots. Buy two.


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