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Find The Boots

Rantings from a few corporate types about life, technology, travel, guns, politics, and everything good in the world.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One of our new friends from FlyerTalk sent us this gem - we took the front half, but click through for the last half....

It wasn't planned that way.

It just happened.I had French fries in France, a frankfurter in Frankfurt, a hamburger in Hamburg, a Danish in Denmark, a Polish sausage in Poland, Swiss chocolate in Switzerland, and in Sweden, yup, you guessed it... I walked through an IKEA listening to ABBA.

French fries in
France... no matter what else you think or say about the French (or how hard you
hit them -- more on that in a minute) they have great food. I once worked long
hours on a job in Brest, so long that by the time I got back to the hotel the
kitchen was closed. So I just drove up to the BP Petrol station, bought a couple
of sandwiches, some fruit, maybe a pastry for desert, and some fruit juice. But
unlike "gas station sandwiches" elsewhere in the world, these were great! Fresh,
tasty, and packed with the good stuff. Not like some of those crappy oversized
loves with a paper thin sheet of meat or cheese. No, these were real sandwiches,
and I looked forward to them each evening.Frankfurter in Frankfurt... well, I've
always known them as "European weiners" (which I think is another name for the
French). I've always liked them, and this one was no different. Not too
exicting, but a nice change.Hamburger in Hamburg... OK, so it was MacDonalds. We
were in a hurry, OK?Polish sausage in Poland... pretty damn good, and cheap too.
So was everything, including this great sidewalk stand where you could get a
huge Belgian waffle (hmmmm... note to self: next time stop in at Belguim),
loaded with about 10 different kinds of fruit, fresh whipped cream and ice
cream, for about CAD $4. Brilliant, and delicious.Swiss chocolate in
Switzerland... well, tasted just like the same stuff in the office vending
machine. Not surprising I suppose, since the airline was handing them out for
"desert."Danish in Denmark... WOW! These are to die for. There's nothing rotten
in this part of Denmark. I just couldn't believe how good they were. I'll be
travelling to Denmark on a regular basis from now on (a la Mexican Hat Dance)
just to stop in for a Danish. More brilliant than Polish Belgian
waffles.Sweden... don't ask. (But I'm told that if you don't pay Swedish
gangsters protection money, they come around to your house and take your
furniture apart.)

Bump and update - LMAO means Laugh My Apples Off. Ok, not really apples, but this is a family blog.


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