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Worst Jet Lag Ever

Monday, October 09, 2006

So I arrive in Nowhereistan and check into the hotel - around 10am or so. No sleep on the overnight flight over, too many drinks in the Upper Lounge (ahem), and I'm a bit cranky.

Then they tell me that I can't check in until 3pm. At a 190/Euro per night room rate. Then they say that for an additional 75 quackers I can get in now. So I decide to pony up and then, right before the run the card, they find out they have no clean rooms.

I finally get into my room, but it is too late for a nap, so I take several shots of Vodka and walk around the town, eat dinner, go back to the room at 10pm and crash.

Which is when I find out that a tram car runs outside my window, four floors down, going beep beep every 45 minutes.

More posting tomorrow after I blow up the trolley! :-)O


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  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous Seat1A said…

    You want some cheese with that wine?


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