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Getting Paid In Miles

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I was over on Travel Better today and read the following story:

Buried in a New York Times article about celebrity chefs and how they actually earn their money is this item about Michelle Bernstein, the chef at Michy’s in Miami and a consultant to various restaurants, television shows, etc.:
She is also the consulting chef for Delta Airlines (she, like most
chefs consulting for airlines, is paid in air miles).
She is probably scrambling like crazy to amend her tax returns, we can know that for sure.

I'd take that deal.

I used to earn a grand a day for consulting, so figure that at a half cent/mile (YMMV) that is 200K miles/day.

Couple that with executive superdeluxe chairmans platinum double dog bollocks for getting actual seats and you have two r/t first class domestic tickets at a moments notice.

Value of said ticket can easily exceed $3K each, minimum of $1,500 figure.

So she pays taxes on $1K, procures $3K to $6k in benefits. And since she'd pay for those benefits with after tax dollars (if personal, not business - fly your mama around) that is more like $5K to $10k per day in take-home-equivalent.

I could do that deal, not exclusively, but a few days a month. Sweet!

And, frankly, my solution for food on an airplane would be to put a small subway franchise in where the so-called galley is right now and give eveyone a 6" sub, a bottle of water, and a bag of Sun Chips. Every other month they can rotate the franchise.


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