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Find The Boots

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Where Have The Old Posts Gone

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yikes, that was fun!

We extended a number of people invitations to group-blog with us (be patient, it's gonna happen but we all travel so getting time to Skype is tough!) and, somehow, all my old posts ended up being owned by several other people.


Luckily a quick call to Blogger tech support solved the probelm immediately.

Stop laughing.

I had to go through and save-as-draft all the cross-posted stuff. I'll get to putting it all back later this week as time permits. Lucky me, I have to note the date, copy/paste, change the date, republish, and then delete the old entry. 100 times. Yee-hah. Good thing this is a hobby - it'd be a terrible job!

(PS - the word verification on this post is, and I am not making this up, fugscuzp. Hello!)


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