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Indian Airport Thoughts

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some thoughts about Indian airports:

No freaking shopping but getting better. Australian cookies, I kid you not, for sale in a kiosk by the gate in Bangalore. Still nothing to write home about on either side of security in Delhi or Bangalore. Makes Kansas City look like inside of Heathrow.

I counted four different types of rifle on the Indian army guys in Bangalore, but the guys in Delhi were uniformly sporting FN-FAL with plastic (think 80's Chrysler dashboard) or beat up wooden stocks. In BLR they were handling them like they weren't loaded, but in Mumbai the rifles were actually chained (zinc chain and a lock) to the soldiers waists.

Indian security is still spotty in terms of X-ray and inspection. The lady doing some sort of screening on incomming international flights in Bangalore was practically asleep. And I'm not sure what was supposed to be in my bag that is illegal between the UK and India.

The BA flight out of Mumbai was running late since the only heavy friendly runway was occupied by workers taking a lunch break during the run up to Diwali. Apparently they had to get off they tushies and move some equipment. It was 2+ hours to get that fixed - which struck me as not bad for something happening at both an airport *and* India. But what really struck me was that BA broke out the drink cart - which I thought one was not allowed to do on an airplane in Indian control.


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