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Let Me Not Be The First

Thursday, March 22, 2007

To criticize these inward looking idiots in freaking Manhattan who want to "live green."

Basic story: they want to have a year of low impact living (so-called "carbon neutral" - I'll get to that) so that he can write a book. Good for ya.

To give you a flavor of how stupid these people are, check this quote:

Restaurants, which are mostly out in No Impact, present all sorts of challenges beyond the 250-mile food rule. “They always want to give Isabella the paper cup with the straw, and we have to send it back,” Mr. Beavan said. “We always say, ‘We’re trying not to make any trash.’ And some people get really into that and others clearly think we’re big losers.”

Dude, when you send the cup back, where do you think they put it?

And how did the waiters and food and heat get into the 'straunt? The recycled paper in the menus was produced with what kind of power and chemicals?

Their poor daughter is going to school using a "no carbon" transport method:

Wearing, of course, clothes made in (oh so green) China, riding a scooter made in China. An aluminum scooter - which a smarter guy than me once called "electricity in solid form." Hmm, electricity.

I'm really really looking forward to this human global warming, if not global warming itself, krep-ola crashing. Unlike the last several times (global cooling, CFC's/Ozone, etc) we'll have a full internet record of how stupid how many people were.


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