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Thoughtfulness vs. CAIR-esque Bombast

Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm sure everyone has heard about the variously blind so-called Imam's being hauled of a US-Air flight some months ago for making everyone skeevy about praying out loud. Well, more and more information trickles out of the (good/bad/ugly) MSM.....

The best email I've seen came from the WSJ's Best Of The Web:

Recently, my wife and I were on a trip to Europe and we changed planes at Kennedy airport. When we reported for our overseas flight, we found that we were accompanied by a large number of ultra-Orthodox Jews, who are a familiar sight in New York with their beards, long sideburns, black clothing and hats. As we sat waiting for the flight, the rabbi with the Jewish men announced that they were all going to perform their normal sundown prayer early because they did not want to frighten anyone on the plane with what might, to the uninformed, have sounded like an Arabic prayer.

It is so PC that these supposed Islamic scholars have so little sensitivity to what is happening in the world that they would insist on imposing actual Arabic prayers on an airplane filled with people uninformed as to the reason or the nature of the activity?

And then you have the hyperventilating idjits and scaremongers at FlyerTalk. Oh, leavened by the occasional reasonable person, but, still.

Pah, I am feeling very Kim DuToit lately.


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