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Shall we Try this Again?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I just heard a rumor on the radio that the charges against the Duke LAX players are going to be dropped. Sounds like a repeat of the same rumor last month that didn't pan out. But since there's basically no case, it's only a matter of time. Too bad these kids had to pay such a high price due to a false accusation. Of course, if you're going to lead a lifestyle of being around wild parties, this sort of thing is going to be a risk.

I wonder if Al Sharpton is going to apologize for coming to Durham in the early days of this case and calling these boys violent, racially motivated rapists? It seems that what Don Imus said, while terribly stupid, was not nearly so damaging to the women's basketball team as what Sharpton and the false accuser did to the LAX players. And are Jesse and Al still going to pay for the accuser's college education?

Edit and bump: Great wikipedia entry on The Accuser.


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