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Airport Cars

Monday, March 26, 2007

No, not which particular crappy rental to get this week at Cincy, but the car you drive to the airport.

Hey, I promised something a bit different here!

I admit it, I used to drive a BMW 5 series to the airport (see Bill Cosby in 200mph) but felt pretty stupid at the end of a 3 year 36K mile lease when I'd put a total of 22K miles on the car. And that included post-911 commuting of 300 miles r/t to the client every week!

Anyway, then I got a mega-beater from eBay motors (which is a whole other post) for like $3K USD and drove that for a year. Sold the car for $2.7K so that is probably the cheapest ride I'll ever own.

Now, as a dad, I drive a econobox (with 7 airbags!) back and forth. Nice radio though.

But if you are wondering which car to get to preserve your equity, check the IntelliChoice guys. Here's a handy net-out for you budding executives:

And before someone writes in, yes, I understand that a 15% depreciation on a $20K car is a lot less money than a 10% depreciation on a $50K car.


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