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Iraqi Civil War

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I was listening to some d*mn fool talking heads on the MSM tonight "debating" if Iraq was in a civil war.

Like it makes a difference - there are probably a hunnert guys in the military who care if the violence is civil, inter/intra sectarian, criminal, etc.

Why do I think it doesn't make a difference? Well, as a deep South southerner, I can promise you that a war prosecuted against a external and an internal enemy makes little difference. Did the people of Atlanta experience a different fire than the folks in Dresden? Did Sherman's march differ from Stalin's advance across Germany?

Did the US cause this violence? Good question, but irrelevant. Like asking *why* someone got lung cancer changes the treatment. (Ok, it might, but you get the idea.)

Wait, I have an idea, let's look around the middle east for a country with no sectarian violence. Uh, well, there's, uh, wait-a-minute, yeah, there's, no, they have it to.

Face it folks, this isn't Kansas (well, it's like Kansas/Missouri during the US Civil War) we're talking about.

Why did this come up? I'm so steamed at the Democrat party trying to mandate *another* American military defeat and create yet more genocide (see also: Cambodia, Vietnam) that I can barely see straight. Did I have the equipment, I'd be very DuToitian right now.


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