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Find The Boots

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Bloviating on FlyerTalk

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I was wandering amid the ding-dongs on FlyerTalk when I ran across a thread on what to do when arrested by the TSA.

I though to myself: these people must work for the public school system. - useless advice offered in an incomprehensible manner.

Useful advice: what to do to avoid getting arrested. It's simple as a pimple:

How about this - if you find yourself in an argument with the TSA people, take a deep breath, exhale, smile (this may hurt) and say: "Hey, sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night. Let's start over - how can I help you screen my stuff?"

Then, odds are, you can go on your merry way, perhaps without your rubber band ball or twelve stone baggie of makeup, but still.

I've never forgotten what my CCW instructor told me: Before you pull your gun, make sure it's worth $10K. Before you pull the trigger, make sure it's worth $100K
and your job.

Good advice.

There you go. No charge.


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