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Unusual Headlines

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stuff you don't see very often:

Lesbian accused of murdering rival

Uh, yeah. And she (the accused murderer) was deaf, black, and homeless as well. I suspect some extra thought had to go into that headline.

Ah, it gets better:

Prosecutors said a vengeful Wright persuaded VanderGiesen to meet her and to enter her car on February 1, 2006. Wright then killed her with either a blow to the head or by suffocation, according to prosecutors.

After two days spent scrounging up money to buy a chainsaw, Wright chopped up the body at the knees and navel and disposed of the pieces, prosecutor Dave Nelson said in opening statements last week.

Yikes, two days, summer time. Ok, enough blogging, time to go get some lunch.


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