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Best Insurgent Video Ever

Monday, April 16, 2007

More reader email - if you can stand some graphic images go watch this.


1> Fat dude instructs the simple minded in the fine art of ambush.

2> When you watch the film, notice the high tech employment of duct tape and plastic models.

3> The guys who are taking copious notes (not) are having fun fondling their guns. Also not a good sign.

4> Please not the position of the instructor post-ambush.

5> That is because, besides messing with the worlds finest fighting force (Abdul - hint: Deer Hunter was incorrect then and is woefully wrong now, 'kay?) he's missed some important stuff:

A> Cover is not concealment.

B> Understand the military crest concept.

C> Just because right-thinking people know that the .223 is a varmint cartridge, doesn't mean it won't kill, er, varmints.

D> Pelosi and Murtha aren't really in charge of military strategy or tactics.

E> Go use the internet and lookup the following: Pelilu, Tarawa, Gettysburg, Argonne, Yorktown, Battle of the Bulge, Somme, Khe Sanh, Iwo, and Vicksburgh. Run away.

Assuming we can keep congress from handing over the country to this bunch of losers, I remain hopeful.


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