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Let The Liar Be Named

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The NY Post said it loudly:
She is the woman who falsely accused three Duke University students of rape. Yesterday, the attorney general of North Carolina came forward and flatly declared the three young men "innocent of these charges."

That means their accuser is a liar.

Her name is Crystal Gail Mangum.
Her name is old news for anyone that has been following the case. She's even got a Wikipedia entry. Imagine finding that page when you're checking an applicant's resume.

NC AG Roy Cooper said he didn't think justice would be served by pursuing charges against her. As I've stated in earlier posts, I think the entire way that press conference was staged was designed to keep racial tensions in Durham from becoming inflamed.

If you want a quick synopsis of how broad the gulf is between the races in Durham, compare what has been said in reaction to both sides of the case. The N & O has some contemporaneous reactions. Listen to the one from Bryan and decide what might have happened if Nifong had gotten this to a jury. BTW, there were even worse reactions yesterday, but in true Orwellian fashion history seems to have been rewritten.

Crystal isn't the true villain here. It's Mike Nifong. Crystal should have been dismissed as a liar and a lunatic within the first few days of this case, and it should have been a minor blip in the local news.


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