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Duke Lacrosse Players Innocent

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This just in. Not just "Not Guilty" or "Not enough evidence to proceed", but INNOCENT. Wow.

I've got some reactions to this announcement:

1) No, the system didn't work. Those families are out over a million dollars and those young men will live forever in google as being involved. The AG took a step towards getting them their reputation back, but it will never be the same.

2) A conspiracy theory. Remember last month when the press leak came out that they were going to announce that they were dropping the charges later that week? It didn't happen, and then today it happened very quickly. Why? My bet is that originally they were going to give a conservative "not enough evidence" speech and dismiss the charges. Lawyers are like that -- it's very hard to pin them down. But somebody got to them and explained that with the unseasonably warm weather and lots of sunshine we were having at that time it was likely that riots could break out in Durham. Yes, the place is that racially charged about the case. Nifong knew what he was doing when he used the case to get elected. So instead, they spent a few weeks figuring out just how far they could go with a statement of innocence. They also held the press conference in Raleigh (and not downtown), and on a cold, rainy day. A with short notice.

3) How shallow and manipulated must the African American community in Durham feel? They enabled Nifong. Anyone with any sense at the time realized this case didn't hold water, and by November it was completely obvious. And yet Nifong till still gets elected. They fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Much like they fall for the other tripe peddling by supposed "leaders."

4) A lot of people owe apologies. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can start, if they don't mind. And the Group of 88 needs to take out another ad.

5) Anyone who thinks this is an isolated instance is living in a dreamworld. The dirty reality here is that if Nifong had been allowed to go to trial, he most likely would have gotten a conviction with a Durham jury. If you don't think that Durham DAs have been railroading innocent white guys they don't like for political reasons, just have a chat with Michael Peterson.


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