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Ahistorical Dingdongs

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So, I was listening to a Beeb show for something else and came across this bit that I have gladly transcribed for our vast (cough) audience:
Presenter: So would an American bow [to the Queen]

Virginian: You would not

Presenter: Why not?

Virginian: Well I guess it's something that happened in 1776.....
Ya think? When I was living in London I took the 4th of July off work and did not think it was any big deal that I had to tell my UK friends that this was an American holiday. It's not that they didn't know that we weren't part of the Commonwealth, it's just that they didn't know the significance of the date.

Like we remember the day that Benedict Arnold betrayed us, you don't remember the bad stuff. Which is why you should never bump into an old girlfriend in the grocery store - unflattering lights.

But, my point, and I do have one, is that surely the anti-American Beeb should know that we're not part of the flipping rump empire.


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