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Find The Boots

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The Problem May Be Bigger Than You Think

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was reading Gizmodo this morning and saw a very cool Google Maps application on a Blackberry.

Now, why do I care? Well, let me count the ways: 1> No sense of direction. Ok, that is enough.

Anyway, our company has a policy against crackberries, so it's not like I'm going to buy one, but I'd buy another type of phone with GPS in a hot second for a killer app like phone+GPS+ mobile_email.

And then I noticed a small problem with "are" story:

Ok, it's a cheap jab, but it still tickled me. Even I don't look for LAX in FL.

One note on the crackberry ban: I think they did it to save money, but all that has really happened was that the company has to support 52 different flavors of Windoze moble - and support them all badly. It'd have undoubtedly saved a LOT of money to just let us go out and buy our own bberry phones and get on with losing whatever remains of our personal life.


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