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More Immigration Bill "Stuff"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ok, bump and update.

Go here to get a list of all the senators. So far I'm only appealing to Republicans since my letter to a Donk would start out "Dear Fool and Traitor" which would limit the effectiveness of the email.

Also, read Captains Quarters - Senator James Inhofe has a great post and there is a link to www.SecureBordersNow.com.


Dear Sen. XX -

I have watched with great concern and horror as this so-called Immigration bill has bounced around the government.

Let me make my position as a conservative perfectly clear - this is a make or break thing for me as a supporter.

I will not vote for nor support in any way a legislator who votes for any bill recognizing the "rights" of illegal aliens in the United States.

That means that I will grit my teeth and watch a Republican lose to a Democrat at the next election. That goes for Senators, Congressmen, and Presidents. If my town declared itself a "sanctuary" city, I would sell my house, change my children's school, and move.

There is no single issue more important to me.

Seal the borders, enforce the laws, fine business for hiring illegals, deport the illegals who won't go home, and jail the criminal element among the illegals.

I am, by the way, in favor or almost unlimited *LEGAL*immigration into the united states from any country. I believe that there are a lot of Americans in spirit out there who just need the chance to get here *LEGALLY* in order to thrive and improve our society and economy.

Thank you for your attention.

-Cliff Elam


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