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Very Surprising ... Not

Thursday, June 21, 2007

At least one politician is angry at Mexico for booing a lady — namely, Miss USA Rachel Smith, booed while on stage at last month's Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City.
Didn't hear about this? I've heard of this before from athletes (college) and read of designers and architects putting up with this kind of junk in Mexico and other places in what we fondly call "Latin America."

I don't know why anyone would be surprised at this behavior - you can hear NY Yankees fans boo other players. Sorry, LA'ers, I didn't mean to compare you to New Yorkers - I mean those guys voted for Hilary Clinton! It's not like you voted for Hugo Chavez, er, uh, anyway, let's get on to my real point.

Which, was, well, I'm not surprised. You see, I live in the south and was born in the deep deep south. Down where it was The War of Northern Aggression. So I grew up seeing people who really didn't come to 'town' very much drive around. You learned, early on, to spot the 'farm truck' - because they usually had bad brakes and the driver was used to kids diving out of the way. You even learned to walk wide around them because there were some half breed coon/crocodile dogs that would leap out and bite you. Or so we believed.

So I can see the Mexicans driving around the place where I live (top 5 legal and illegal alien population in the US, thank you very much) and I can tell that they're 'farm' from a mile away. And I don't mean they drive crappy trucks with bad brakes and crazy dogs in the back. I mean they treat our country like a trash can with no road laws. Which is basically how they treat their own country, so I don't hold it against them as some genetic flaw, like I do with pale pale people (like my wife! hah! ouch!) who can't stand ten seconds of the sun without blistering.

But it doesn't mean I like it, and it is certainly part of the problem I have with illegal aliens and the shamnesty bill. (See my earlier bile soaked posts if you like, or if you want to skip straight to an upset stomach imagine listening to Nancy Pelosi explain her platform for 30 minutes.) Litterbugs, drunks, uninsured, unlicensed, careless, and (apparently) free from consequences - why not let them stay forever?

But I think Ted Poe, a Texas Republican, hit the nail on the head, starting with the lead-in-quote for my rant, and continuing with:

"In America, we seem to do things a little bit different," Rep. Ted Poe, Texas Republican and former felony court judge, said this week. "We cheer for our country. We wave our flag. We invest in our country, and we respect our neighbors ... And where I come from, we never boo a lady."

True. Though the nutroots guys did boo Hilary, and even a lady wronged is a lady.

Predicatable parties were outraged: LaRasa, ACLU, Donks, etc. Like Muslims around religion or Pals, they're perpetually about something. Hard to get too excited.

So the last excellent bit of Poe's speech:

"A pathway to citizenship ... only works if people really want to become Americans. If you want to be an American, then there are some responsibilities to that. You just don't get to take all you can and leave when you are done," he said.

"Mexico and other countries promote illegal immigration to the United States with one understanding: You send your money back home to Mexico. And America is not home. Billions [of dollars] headed south last year to Mexico alone.

"So when the United States gets booed, people that don't understand this are a bit taken aback," Mr. Poe said. "Most people don't bite the hands that feed them, especially when you have them eating out of your hand."
God bless TX. And up yours Me-he-co.


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