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Find The Boots

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Femme Bluetooth

Monday, July 31, 2006

According to the ever so predictable people at Business Week, female oriented phone accessories are the next big thing. Now, just because Moto has sold 700K or so pink Razr phones doesn't mean this erases my memory of BW touting Volvo's new "female designed" car.

Can you imagine three women showing up at meeting wearing the same "jewelry?"

Not freaking likely. Nope, if they're going to sell bluetooth to women, they're going to have to find women who don't mind looking as silly as men while at work. Based on my corporate learnings, that won't be all that hard.

(Ok, just got three emails from female readers complaining that we are starting a "hot chick Monday." Nope, but good idea. I'll do it if I can get both male and female pix.)


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