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Do Do that Voodoo You Do Do So Well

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hmmm, ever feel like that network connection you just paid $17.99 for in the hotel was stinking slow?

Well, it might be that you need to switch from WiFi (which you use so you can "work" while watching SportCenter on the bed) to the wired connection in the room. A lot of the time the networking equipment in the room is actually pretty new and can provide really high speed.

I was recently in a room in Rome with my new Dell laptop and got Gigabit ethernet connectivity. For comparison, Wireless B (old school) is 3 MB, Wireless G (Apple and New School) is 54 MB, the regular contraption on the back of a laptop is 100 MB. Gigabit is 1000 MB. (hint: more MB is good! :-)

Anyway, Italian hotels apparently have good ethernet. It cost something like 20 Euros which is probably a lot in real money, but there is a category on our expense report for "Public WiFi" so it's all cool.

Belkin has a cool new adaptor for your laptop if you want to ride the gigabit train (or at least look like you could if there was one, if you follow): a USB adaptor for your laptop.

What I can't figure out is that the USB adaptor port has about half the bandwitdh needed for Gigabit support. Like trying to watch a HD-DVD on a regular player. Or putting a Venti coffee into a sippy cup.

But if you can buy and expense "Minor Computer Supplies" give it a shot for only $45.


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