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Find The Boots

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Speaking of Loud

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Logitech has new noise cancelling head phones - and they are supposed to be quite nice according to the reviewers.

If I were price sensitive (or if my boss were paying attention to my expense reports) then I'd go for them ($150) instead of the Bose/II ($300) ones that I have now. (Not that I expensed them, I'm just saying.)

But even though I use Hearos at night, I find hotels almost unbearably noisy. I know that you will never convince people to be respectful (see noisy woman below) on the phone, nor will you get them to not slam their door when they head out at 5:30am.

But, please, oh please, could they get the guy to not hit your door with McPaper at 4am? Or could the room service guy NOT have his walkie-talkie turned up to 11 while he's delivering someone's overcooked and overpriced eggs?


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