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GPS on the Road

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We've written before (I always feel like Original Cindy when I say that) about GPS on the road.

And except for that el-crapola Nextel Phone thing that Avis flogs, the in-car GPS is great stuff.

But what do you do if you don't get a car with GPS or, heaven forbid, that your travel policy forbid it?

I for one am NOT going to haul around a GPS unit and cables. For quite a while I had Microsoft Maps with GPS which was cool since the GPS unit is USB powered. But I had to drive with my laptop open and on the seat, which seemed like a good idea until I slammed on the brakes one night in Toronto.

Plus the cord hanging down was annoying.

Now Sony have a new GPS gizmotron GPS-CS1 that communicates with your camera to tag your location with lat/long. Ok, can I get this for my phone and computer? Heck, when you're trying to find the el-crapo in on 8-Mile in Detroit just knowing what direction you're going in would be helpful!

This thing is tiny and light, around 3.5" long and under two oz's. One could clip it onto the computer bag and be good to go.

And before 12 people send me email patiently explaining GPRMS, yes, I know, but it's just well rolled out and absolutely does not work for a lick when you take your US/GSM phone into another country


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