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Find The Boots

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It Puts the Lotion in the Basket, or it Gets the Hose

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lamb Dance references aside, is this the last straw for air travel? No carry-ons into or out of the UK? 18 hours in the air from the US to LHR to Delhi without any battery operated devices? If 9/11 changed air travel forever, then 8/10 may have put the final nail in the coffin. If they lock down air travel enough to make it safe, no one is going to put up with flying.

The real problem is that there's just no defense against someone willing to kill themselves. Why are they stopping all liquids on aircraft? Just google "peroxide bomb" and you'll get the answer. All you need is a couple of bottles of peroxide and a battery and now you're a bomb maker.

This ban on liquids can't be temporary. It's just too easy to make a bomb out of common items. Since the Islamo-facists are willing to kill themselves to bring down a plane, so the only way to make air travel safe is to basically prevent anyone from bringing anything into the cabin. And that's impossible. It won't be too long before the Islamo-facists figure out that all they have to do is start implanting liquid explosives inside their bodies and they'll get past any screen.

No, we're going to have to start really screening passengers.

For starters, how about requiring a background check before you can get on an airplane? Yes, costly and time consuming, but how much did 9/11 cost? How much would have the attack they had planned for Aug 16 have cost? If you want to fly and be in a position to kill several hundred people it's going to require a little snooping into your past. The business traveller logging 50K miles a year and working for a real company isn't much of a threat. A grandmother visiting her children is probably ok. The 18 year old Muslim man that attends a radical mosque shouldn't be able to purchase an airplane ticket. Yes, completely unfair, but them's the breaks. Businessmen and grandmothers haven't been the ones trying to kill people. Maybe if the Muslim community starts to feel a little pain about the havoc their miscreants are inflicting on the rest of us they'll step up and start policing their own. There's a background check to own a gun, get a credit card, even to adopt a puppy from the pound. But you can hop on an airliner with nothing more than id and cash.

Take a flight on El Al. They actually sit you down in a room an interogate you. It adds hours to the boarding process, but they don't get hijacked or bombed.

And if you think this is all over the top, consider that they planned the dry run for Friday, and the real thing for next Wednesday. Yes, I'm a little shaken, but I just flew from the UK to the US this week, and I've had it.


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