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Hot (or Not) Dogs

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mr. J. writes in with this very funny tale:

I'm spending a few weeks in Bangalore to check up on our BPO. It's a 45 minute commute each day between the western hotel and the office. The traffic in Bangalore is really quite amazing. I've had the same driver for the few trips, and we've struck up quite a friendship. The other day he took me to The Forum, the Bangalore version of an American mall. I noticed that they had a new restaurant in the food court that served American Hot Dogs, and it was completely empty with nothing but a few forlorn Indians standing behind the counter. I've been here long enough that I was sorely tempted to try a little taste of home, but then wondered what might be in an Indian hot dog.

After lunch I went back to the car and asked the driver "Did you know that they sell American hot dogs in the Forum?"

His eyes got huge and he said "Indians are not eating dog! Nobody will go in there!"

I explained to him that "hot dog" was a type of sausage, not made from dog, and he said "Then they should call it hot chicken, or even hot potato! But not Hot Dog! Only Chinese people are going in there!"

The driver has been having quite a bit of fun with the other drivers, telling them to go to the food court and see where they have dog on the menu.

With all the stray dogs running around India, we wouldn't be so sure! We've heard that the hot dogs taste like chicken?

The picture on the right is canned hot dogs in an Indian grocery store. Chicken dogs are bad enough, but canned and sent to India to sit on a grocery store shelf for a few years? Beda dhanyavaadagalu!


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