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Find The Boots

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These Foreigners Have Different Words for Everything

Saturday, August 05, 2006

We've all experienced the reality that the United Kingdom and the USA are close allies, separated only by a common language. Mr. G. writes in to tell us how the British Empire made that true all over the world:
I've been at a meeting in India all week. The first day, we had a pot of coffee and cookies brought to our conference room by the "Office Boy." The second day, no coffee, so I called the front desk and asked for a pot of coffee. They asked how many people we had, and I answered six. An office boy shows up with 6 individual cups of coffee. Being the only coffee drinker in the group, this wasn't quite what I wanted. I said I wanted a pot, not six cups. He just bobbed his head and left the room. The next day I cornered him and said I wanted a "pot" of coffee for the conference room, not six cups. An Indian, who used to live in the USA happened by, and said "Oh, he wants a Flask of Coffee." My pot of coffee then showed up. Now, if we could only introduce regular sized coffee cups over there...
Hmm, let's see. In the US it's a pot, in the UK it's a jug, and in India it's a flask. Now I'm all for drinking a flask at work, but it usually has something other than coffee in it...


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