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WiFi for Verizon

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I just saw a cool card at my local Verizon store (motto: we're staffed by ignorant and supercilious junior college dropouts but you have to buy from us so just wait in line, k?) that would be great for travel.

The Novatel Wireless V640 ExpressCard/34 has awesome download speeds and is under the magical expense account number of $200 with a two year contract. (I didn't put in a picture because it just looks like every other PC card with a dongle-thingie hanging off it.)

Just beware, they aren't going to let you watch streaming movies (ahem) on it forever as the "unlimited" data plan is pretty limited. But I know several people with iterations of this type of card from Sprint, Nextel, etc and they have never had a problem downloading all their emails full of enormous consultant generated PowerPoints.

Unlimited access is only $80/month, or around 4 nights in any hotel.

I think this clearly falls under "Wifi" and is going to save your company a pile of money.


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