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Careful at the ATM

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I admit to being pretty careless about getting money from an ATM - I'm a pretty big guy and I have buckteeth so look like the squirrel from Caddyshack when enraged. I figure I'm pretty much ok.

But in foreign countries I try to go inside the bank to use the ATM since I have no idea if I'm getting $10 or $1,000 in funny money. According to the South African Herald that may not be safe either:
CRIMINALS in Port Elizabeth are using cellphone cameras to photograph potential
victims at banks before they, or an accomplice, stalk and rob them.
Now I think I would sooner go to Somalia dressed as the Pope than show up in South Africa under almost any circumstances not involving the word Safari, but you can count on this showing up in every country soon.

Except maybe the US since we have such lame cell phone interconnections, but perhaps this will drive adoption? Buy Cingular stock my peeps.


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