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Find The Boots

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More Thoughs on Profiling

Sunday, August 13, 2006

As I was sitting in ORD on the latest day of chaos caused by Islamofascists all I could think was: please profile me.

Really. If you fly more then four times a year, you should have to go down to the local police station and have your fingerprints taken, a background check, etc, etc. I had to do it to get my concealed carry permit, it was no big deal.

If you show up at the airport without your pass you get the El-Al treatment.

Further, any non-US citizen flying in the US gets the El-Al treatment.

Yes, yes, I know they'll just swich to blowing up buses. Well, Israel has survived that. And our people and economy will survive that a lot better than losing a dozen 747's.

Inbound you say? Not a dang thing we can do about the Euro-weenies, you say? How about a billion dollar bond per plane for acts of terrorism? They can lay it off on the arbitrage guys and pass the cost onto the passengers, but I say let's get some new thinkers into the security game.

But the Euro's can do stuff we can't - remember, they don't have that pesky ACLU. In Gatwick last month they were pulling everyone with a certain complexion aside for extra screening. What was funny was that they got several guys with yarmalukes. Guess we know why now, don't we? Guess we're glad, aren't we? Guess if this plot was in the US we'd be up a creek now, wouldn't we?

I fly, will continue to fly, and must continue to fly, so I'd really appreciate it if the guys what are in charge get their thumbs out and get some real security going.


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