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Find The Boots

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BA Business

Monday, October 16, 2006

Regular Reader TF sends us his latest posting on FlyerTalk:

I just flew over to blighty on American in business - what a crap service, as usual. Luckily it was on one of the older 767's as their business class seats aren't quite as crappy as the newer 777's. And how did AA pull that trick off?

Anyway, connected to BA to India and what a nice ride that was - but we all know their lie-flat seats are prime. What struck me was that they'd switched over to a new blanket - call it a duvet. It was bigger, padded, and warmer/softer.It can't have cost them a fiver, but they cemented their relationship with me once again.I do give AA props for finally introducing some new food items - crab cakes and a kind of cheese anti-pasta. Both quite good.

We concur. How can an airline miss the boat on business class?


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