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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yes, yes, I know that is redundant, but at least they're not being traitors. This week.

Sharkey, head idjit in charge of in-air crashes and general travel foolishness writes:
... that anecdotal evidence indicates a growing number of laptops are being randomly and legally scrutinized, and some are even being seized without a reason given by customs agents when travelers return to the United States.
Allow me to translate from MSM into American: I heard a rumor in a bar in The City and am printing it as fact. Also, note that little word hiding in there: legally.

You know, like Gitmo, SWIFT, and the NSA wiretapping program.

I would also point out some useful numbers to consider: with approx 50M travelers/month (average) going through at least one airport and *perhaps* a dozen reported laptop inspection incidents to date, figure your probability of inspection is:

50M * 12 months = 60M travelers/year

20% laptop * 60M travelers = 12M laptops through security/year

12 laptops inspected / 12M laptops = 0.0001%

That is one chance in 10,000 per year of having your laptop looked at. Or, another way to think about it: every 10,000 years the TSA will ask to see your laptop.

Liberal arts should include math.



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