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Find The Boots

Rantings from a few corporate types about life, technology, travel, guns, politics, and everything good in the world.


Friday, April 20, 2007

First Harry Reid, coward and traitor in chief of the modern Democrat party unleashes this particular piece of slovenly stupidity: " I believe . . . that this war is lost, and this surge is not accomplishing anything, as is shown by the extreme violence in Iraq this week."

It's been all over the blogosphere, and Michelle Malkin in particular (smart, hardworking and smoking hot!) has good stuff here and here.

It all brought me in mind of the Copperheads back during the Civil War. Here is a piece of the 1864 Democrat Party Platform:
"Resolved, that this convention does explicitly declare, as the sense of the American people, that after four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war, during which, under the pretence of military necessity, or war power higher than the Constitution, the Constitution itself has been disregarded in every part, and public liberty and private right alike trodden down, and the material prosperity of the country essentially impaired, justice, humanity, liberty, and the public welfare demand that immediate efforts be made for a cessation of hostilities, with a view to an ultimate convention of the States or other peaceable means, to the end that at the earliest practicable moment peace may be restored on the basis of the federal Union of the States."
Let's not even go into Vietnam right, now, kay? Else I'll go DuToit all over the place and have to help Rodge fly the B-52's.


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