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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Can't get enough of that pun.

I just got an email from another reader:

Lesbians Convicted In Greenwich Village Gang Attack
Four lesbians accused of attacking a man who made advances toward one of them were convicted Wednesday of varying assault charges stemming from the altercation, in which the man was seriously stabbed.

The defendants and some of their relatives and friends sobbed openly and loudly after the verdict was read. One defendant collapsed as she was led from the Manhattan courtroom crying, "No! No! Nooo! I didn't do it!"
Too much L-word, not enough CSI. They shoulda learned from Horatio's swinging glasses. (Sorry, too good to resist.)

Go watch the slideshow - homegirls put the beat on that boy. Didn't do it my patootie. It's on tape Marion.


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