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A Sad Memorial Day Present

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Apparently Cindy Sheehan, tool and uber-fool, has quit agitating for the surrender-o-crats:
I was the darling of the so-called left as long as I limited my protests to George Bush and the Republican Party. Of course, I was slandered and libeled by the right as a “tool” of the Democratic Party. This label was to marginalize me and my message. How could a woman have an original thought, or be working outside of our “two-party” system?

However, when I started to hold the Democratic Party to the same standards that I held the Republican Party, support for my cause started to erode and the “left” started labeling me with the same slurs that the right used…

The most devastating conclusion that I reached this morning, however, was that Casey did indeed die for nothing…

I am going to take whatever I have left and go home.
What is sad is not that now $harpton and all the rest of that ilk will plunder whatever money remains in the "Crawford Peace House" kitty.

It's that a brave American soldier, Casey Sheehan, died honorably for our country, and on Memorial Day, of all days, his mom still didn't get it.

There are some emails I keep around to try to help me counteract times when I get this mad. So I went to Wounded Warrior and popped $100 into their excellent program to get some transitional care packs to our wounded guys:
WWP Transitional Care Packs are a smaller version of the WWP Backpack, filled with many of the same comfort items. Transitional Care Packs are sent directly to Iraq and Afghanistan to provide immediate comfort during a warrior's recovery at medical facilities overseas. Give a transitional care pack to a wounded warrior today and include a personal message of support!
I'm not saying this in an Oh-la-la-I-am-so-good way. I've just found that when I get so steaming mad I'm likely to pimp slap the next smarmy filthy peace hippy that looks at me crossways on the bus ... well, let's just say this is much more in line with my middle-aged dad disguise. (I mean, once you start slapping idiots, where do you stop? :-)

The other guys I really like are Operation Gratitude. They ship care packages to the troopies. Simple stuff like cookies, flash drives, batteries, etc, etc. So far they've put 220K+ packages out there, and are starting 50K more this Memorial Day weekend. The new postage rates are killing them so I finished my calming exercise with another hundred bucks there - shipping for 10 packages.

So, Casey, I apologize for saying harsh stuff about your mom, but dude, the rest of us are so amazed by your sacrifice that it is hard to keep quiet. Perhaps she'll go home now and complete her healing and won't inflict her pain and lack of understanding on the rest of us.


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  • At 5:44 PM, Blogger gerrysmatt said…

    You chickenhawks are so cute getting all angry behind your big bad keyboards.

    It must be frustrating to be a 28 percenter.

  • At 6:13 PM, Blogger BoonDoggie said…

    I think you might want to go digging through the archives and read the article about visiting the DMV to see where you fit in.


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