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9mm For Sale

Friday, June 08, 2007

A dangerous criminal was apprehended by Scotland Yard:
Private Christopher Trussler, 27, of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, was arrested yesterday after allegedly selling 21 9mm bullets to an undercover detective.
Wow, 21 rounds of poodle shooting mayhem. The Mirror lets us know what they could have been used for:
The bullets, originally Army ammunition, could have been fired from dozens of handguns and machine-guns.
A variety of handguns and machine-guns? I think they meant submachine-guns. Unless the Brits have developed a new belt fed 9mm system.

It only took Scottland Yard 3 months to pull off this massive sting operation, so I'm sure the problems the Brits are having with their gun ban are almost over.


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  • At 4:01 AM, Blogger TierFlyer said…

    Maybe someone wanted to fill an entire Glock mag.

    Oh, my.

    I thought the yobs in London were favoring AK's these days?



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