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Now We're Calling them Americans

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Michelle Malkin has the whole story. Harry Reid is now referring to illegal aliens as "undocumented Americans."
The concept of American citizenship is dead. Sen. Harry Reid drove the final nail in the coffin with his floor statement yesterday, in which he referred to the 12 million illegal aliens currently in the U.S. as "12 million undocumented Americans." I've heard a lot of stupid euphemisms for illegal aliens, but that one takes the cake.
I guess those people waiving the Mexican flag and holding up protest posters were right: "Today we march, Tomorrow we vote."

The argument that people in favor of amnesty fall back on is "What are you going to do with the 12 million illegals already here?" Some even posit that if we took away all the jobs, this is still a better place to be a poor person than back home, so many wouldn't leave.

Frankly, if that's true, then how is the temporary visa program that requires them to go back home going to work? What makes you think they won't just stay?

How about we try turning off the supply of jobs for illegals? It's very easy. Just enforce the existing penalties. No new legislation required. Bush can do this with a phone call. Go into a city and bust every business owner that can't document his workers. The penalty can be as high as $2,200/worker. Hit a couple of landscaping companies with $100K in fines and they'll change their behavior. You don't have to catch them all, you just need to make some hugely public examples out of companies each month. You can pay for the law enforcement with the haul in fines.

Next, how about proof of citizenship before receiving any government services? I've traveled the world and I can't think of a single other country where a legal alien can get government services for free. The Brits stamp your passport with "employment and recourse to public funds prohibited." Why would the US be heartless if we merely defended our sovereignty like everyone else?

There is some good stuff in the program, such as securing the border before doing any of this visa stuff. But as it stands, this is just one huge sellout of the American people.


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