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Got Some Email About NEA Thug Comments

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A fair number of people have written and asked me why I've started getting "down on teachers."

Uh, well, I'm not, but am on teachers unions. I can see a union being useful for certain types of jobs. Service workers, where the barriers to entry for new workers are low and non-collective bargaining would be difficult. Useful to workers, mind you, not consumers and certainly not for efficiency. I'll put up with it (how nice of me!) because many of these workers are ill-educated, low-paid, and have few options. And because if you get crappy service at a Marriott conference lunch, well, rubber chicken happens to us all.

None of which describe teachers, nor the results of *bad* teaching.

So I've decided that the teachers union(s) are as inimical to the future of our country as, say, anti-second amendment gun grabbers, no-knock raids, and your average congress-critter. (kinda kidding about congress).

I did get a funny story link passed to me about a teachers strike:
"It almost makes myself look other places, other schools that would take better care of a teacher," another teacher said.
Uh, huh. Sometimes the point is made by the other side, Sun-Tzu wise.


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