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Nifong Gets His Today

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The hearing for Nifong is today. WRAL is carrying the proceedings live.

The worst that can happen to Nifong is that he loses his job. It's a shame he hasn't had to live with the threat of 20 years in prison for the last year.

Perhaps after this is over the feds can step in and charge him with civil rights violations.

They're expecting this hearing to take 5 days. I hope he finds that very uncomfortable.

UPDATE: Nifong's attorney gave his opening remarks and sounded terrible. Not that he has much of a case to work with, but I'm not sure he could have done a worse job.

In explaining why Nifong made prejudicial comments to the press, he said that the information Nifong was getting from the cops was that the boys were guilty. Hmm, so that's the standard? When the cops think you're guilty it's ok for the prosecutor to declare them guilty to the press?

One of the outside commentators noted that the NC General Assembly is watching this case closely, and if they don't discipline Nifong strongly, the GA may start to enact more laws to restrain runaway prosecutors. Hopefully this will lead to Nifong being made an example.

UPDATE: Durham in Wonderland is live blogging the hearing.


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